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Equity Transfer

Transfers of title/equity can be quite straightforward but equally, very complex

Equity Transfer - Licensed Conveyancers Hampshire

Transfers of title/equity can be quite straight forward but equally, very complex and the circumstances leading to your transfer, will determine how we must proceed and what type of case we are undertaking for you.

If you are gifting part or whole of your home to a family member or friend and you have no existing mortgage on the property, the transaction will be easier to conclude than one when a payment of money needs to be made in consideration of the transfer. If the transfer or gift affects a property where a mortgage lender already has a loan or you intend to take funding, this will take more time to conclude and the lender should be approached for their consent before the transaction really starts.

Whatever your proposed transfer, we are skilled in all of them and will advise you clearly on it with clarity and patience.


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