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We know it is possible to get an online quote for your conveyancing and it may seem advantageous to get the figures without actually talking to anyone. But whilst some of the costs are relatively standard (these are called disbursements) the fee you need to pay for the legal service itself, can only accurately be assessed when the precise nature of your case is known.

Therefore, although we will provide you with an outline of the disbursements on our pages here, we would need to know more about your exact needs, before we can sensibly provide an estimate. We are not high pressure salespeople, we are human, approachable and if you can allow us a few minutes to describe your plans, we’ll provide you with an easy to understand quote, in writing, by email. Trust us – we know what we’re talking about and the people you speak to at Simeous are the actual people who will be acting for you. We value quality over quantity.

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It might be that you have been recommended by an Estate Agent or Financial Advisor to contact us for a quotation. Remember, they wouldn’t be suggesting that, if they had any doubts as to the level of service , efficiency and value for money that we offer. It is very probably that the agent or IFA is a local one, we do have many business relationships with them and whilst most are approached by out of area law firms that offer them huge referral fees to recommend their services, the agents realise that a local and professional service that gets results.