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Selling a Property

If you're looking to buy or sell a property then we think you'll love what we do here at Simeous Property Law with our transparent, convenient and user-friendly service

Selling a Property - Licensed Conveyancers Hampshire

When you are selling what is likely to be your most valuable asset, you should entrust the legal work to professionals that you feel confident with.

We will be clear with you from the very first contact, we further offer to sort and sift through any papers you have relating to your home, to assist us in preparing a full contract for your proposed buyers lawyers. Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge in this respect.


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What happens with the proposed buyers lawyers?

Once their lawyer has had a chance to look at what we have provided, they will most likely ask further questions – we will work together as a team to resolve them as quickly as possible. The sooner they are happy with these, the sooner they’ll enable your buyer to buy your property!
Once the buyer has secured their funding on your home and they are happy with all of the legal aspects, we will arrange for you to sign a contract. At about this time, there will be talk of a moving date, this will of course be agreed with you and all others in the chain. Once this is agreed, we will exchange the contract, secure the sale and prepare for your completion. Then, we can start to think about your sale proceeds!


Your Selling Questions Answered

Listed below are a few of the most commonly asked questions we received from our Clients. If your question isn’t answered below then please feel free to call us or use our contact form.

  • How long will the transaction take?

    Our experience tells us that generally, we can reach completion in 6/8 weeks from the point you accept your buyers offer. However, this does depend on the buyers funding arrangements, sensible Lawyer co-operation and the length of your chain.

  • I am just putting my house on the market, when do I instruct a solicitor?

    We really do find that the earlier you appoint a lawyer, the better for you and it does speed the process up considerably. There is the form filling, the gathering together of any supporting paperwork you might have, guarantees, planning documents etc and this can be done whilst your agent is marketing your home. We will not charge you a penny for helping you collate what you’ll need for the sale.

  • I have accepted an offer on my property, what do I do next?

    Assuming you haven’t already instructed a lawyer, then you need to now. The form filling exercise referred to earlier now needs to be undertaken.

  • I am selling a leasehold property, are there any complications involved with this?

    Yes. Your flat or maisonette has different legal elements that need to be addressed, to include contacting your freeholder or managing agent. The lease itself can be an issue depending on its format, when it was first granted and how many years are left unexpired. Leasehold sales do take longer to conclude, principally as we have to rely on 3rd parties to provide us and you with information on the flat, the block it’s in and ongoing management detail.

  • Will an individual be handling my case or a team of people?

    Your file will be handled by Tom Ingleton, Francesca Gill, Vicky Sturman, Sue Willmott or Mike Punchard and assisted by Faye England, Monique Lymn or Cheryl Goldsmith. Although we work together closely as your Team, we are not a large factory type of organisation and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we all know what stage your case has reached and what is happening, generally.

  • What happens if I lose my buyer? Will I be charged for the extra work?

    Once you have instructed us to act for you and after the initial form stage, we will actively work on your file and clearly, time will be spent, which does need to be accounted for in the event your buyer withdraws. If your sale/purchase does fall through, you will only be charged for the time spent to date on your file. This will vary depending on what stage of each transaction we have reached.

  • When do I pay you and the estate agent?

    Your agents fees are usually due at contract exchange but deferred until completion. We can look at your agreement with them, if you are unsure. We will need an upfront payment of just £100 to cover file opening and land registry fees.


"I chose Simeous to oversee the sale of my property based on the recommendation of a friend. I had heard good things about them and wished to avoid frustrations I’d experienced in a previous purchase when using a very large conveyancing company.
I am delighted with my choice. At every stage, I received good advice, ready contact and response and courteous, friendly service. I felt in very safe hands throughout the process of selling my flat. The sale went through very smoothly.
I have been extremely pleased with Simeous and can readily and sincerely recommend them to future buyers / sellers. Thank you Simeous."

Mr Humphrey 


"If you’re looking for a competent & professional conveyancer you just found the right one… We’ve exchanged and completed last week. Thanks to Tom Ingleton and his Team the whole process was very efficient. I would like to express my gratitude to Tom for going the extra mile and taking matters into his own hands once our estate agents let us down. Were it not for Simeous we would have not completed yet for sure. Thank you all for everything!"

Mrs Polomska 


"We are extremely grateful for all that you and your team did for us in making what turned out to be a protracted and complex process, very simple and bearable. We deeply appreciate the way in which you kept us both in touch, and sane!, through the process.
Once we have found a house to buy, we will be back and so will our 2 grown up children as they are also looking to buy property in the areas in the next year. We will happily recommend you all to our family and friends.
Thank you once again for your professionalism and service. You and your company made such a difference in making us feel secure over the our sale of our house."

Mr & Mrs Sutton